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International Relations

This is a section which I really like to focus on and specialize in the near future. I’ll put forward my thoughts on a lot of events linked to the sphere of GeoPolitics, Diplomacy and Defence.


Rashtrapati Bhavan – official residence of the President of India

As I was born and brought up in the world’s largest democracy, I’ll try to analyse and provide my explanation to What and Why to a political event or action in this section.

Science, Tech and stuff I mostly don’t get!

Don’t go on the image! It’s one of the finest images of anything related to tech or science that I took. Av Geeks – I beg your pardon!

Unable to make what is just strong, we made what is strong just.

Blaise Pascal

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My name is Vidit Baya, currently a student of Journalism, International Relations and Mass Communication.

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